The GOOSE Tank

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The GOOSE Tank

"Goose" from our company's name The Giving Goose is the nickname given to our daughter at a very early age! She was full of such much personality, and was always being as silly as she could be. We started calling her "you silly goose"; after a while "goose" stuck and quickly became her second name! When she was undergoing treatment for her brain tumor one thing she never lost was her outgoing - playful personality! Goose is a very meaningful name that our daughter carries on! We hope that her strength encourages YOU to become your own version of "Goose"!


Be The Goose {bee thee go͞os}, v.

1. To give of yourself as you would want to be given to, 2. To give a voice to those unheard, 3. To give the chance of faith to those who feel lost, 4. To give one hope at living and loving life, 5. To give without expecting a return, 6. To give and keep giving. 

Be the “Goose” in your life and in your community! Be the change you wish to see!

This GOOSE Tank is a light weight material, and can easily be dressed up or down! Making it your new staple piece in your wardrobe! This blush color top is 100% cotton, and is true to size. We recommend hand washing and line drying for this item to insure that you get the most life out of your tank. 

This tank comes in sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. 


If you're local to Middle Tennessee, we are located  at Miss Lucille's Marketplace in Clarksville, TN. 

Thank you for your support! 50% of all proceeds from this product are donated to nonprofit organizations for childhood cancer research!